Socken-Szenerie - Upcycling-Design von Jay Watson | DETAIL daily #ldf12 @tent_london 9.10.2012
Occasionally I find someone who has really taken time to understand my work. 8.10.2012
Thanks Jill! “@DesignLoversUSA: What can you do with your old socks? Just ask @JayWatsonDesign. @Tent_London" #ldf12 4.10.2012
New work: Pixel low table 4.10.2012
Another LDF review. Thanks to Thomas Haycock #ldf12 #tent_london 4.10.2012
New work: Pixel credenza 4.10.2012
Thanks for the write up “@UPCYCL1ST: Lights from @jaywatsondesign that will blow your socks off at @tent_london” #ldf12 2.10.2012
Another posting - Top Green designs from London Design Festival 2012. Jay Watson Sock Lights - #ldf12 #tent_london 1.10.2012
We are happy to make another top10 #ldf12 #tentlondon 30.09.2012
New work: Sock pendant lights 30.09.2012
Recent web page about my work. the instructions are now at 30.09.2012
@DesignLoversUSA @tent_london thanks for the tweet Jill, glad you like my work. 26.09.2012
@izz_biz Hi Isa, if you didn't manage to grab the instructions on making the newspaper seat, the instructions are on Facebook too. Good luck 21.09.2012
Come and see my new work at Tent London Stand M21 hall T3. Get your free Newspaper DIY instructions.#ldf #tentlondon 21.09.2012
@frontera_london Thanks for your comments. Next week I will be releasing new work at TENT London #ldf 12.09.2012
@futurespacemag @designersblock Technology is great... until it goes pear shaped! 31.08.2012
Come and see my new work at Tent London, Stand M21, Hall T3. 20-23 Sept. 2012 I will be tweeting previews soon. 31.08.2012
@m_dex1 Good things take time… all the best for this weekend. 29.08.2012
@m_dex1 Hi Miles, things are really busy... getting everything together for Tent at LDF. How's your beautiful furniture going? 29.08.2012
Our first ever national awareness campaign 29.08.2012
@finchandpea Thanks for the tweet and follow. 29.08.2012
@MOJEH_Magazine thanks for the mention, always appreciated. 23.08.2012
@ThomasMarzano Thanks for the tweet Thomas. This furniture is now on show at Liberty of London. 10.08.2012
@saraInteriors Thanks for the RT Sara. Hope Interiors London is coming together! 4.08.2012
'Linger a Little Longer' Now at Liberty of London. 2.08.2012
@AmyGuttman1 Thanks Amy! 27.07.2012
So what do you think? Innovative UK Furniture Designers via @HuffPostUKTech 27.07.2012
Check out this new article by Amy Guttman. Thanks @futurespacemag #design #LDF #furniture 27.07.2012
I still need an assistant! Anyone interested in working in a dynamic hands on design studio/ workshop should apply. Based in Oxfordshire. 23.07.2012
@cockerfrith hi Emily, Essentially another pair of hands, but also a can do attitude and an ability to think laterally. Making essential! J 2.07.2012
I'm looking for an assistant! Anyone interested in working in a dynamic hands on design studio/ workshop should apply. Based in Oxfordshire. 21.06.2012
@benarent Thanks for your tweets, always appreciated. 21.06.2012
New work: Forever Contemporary 8.05.2012
The 'Linger a Little Longer' table and bench seats will feature at Liberty of London by the end of April 2012 13.03.2012
@dotdotkat Thanks for the post Katrina 24.11.2011
@ZeitgeistMag Thanks for post. Sometimes the less said the more the imagination is used. 22.11.2011
New work: Stretch Wallpaper 20.09.2011
Showing the updated Anemoi luminaires, the 'Read all about it' newspaper seats, & the special 'Linger a little longer' table and bench seat. 16.08.2011
Showing next at 100% design - Earls Court, London. Stand X70, Futures section. 22nd - 25th September 2011. 16.08.2011
New work: George stool 21.03.2011
@BrightonPOD Hi, I have fruit bowls available. Please check images out on website. Let me know if interested. 10.11.2010
New work: Anemoi Cluster Luminaire 8.10.2010
My new website has been launched. It looks similar to the old one, but now uses a content management system. Now I need to add some content! 24.09.2010
Photo of stand K114 24.09.2010
Currently showing at 100% design stand K114. Come on down and see the Anemoi lights and bowls. 24.09.2010
Currently preparing for 100% design, London. 23 - 26 September 2010. Stand K114, Futures section. Come and see my lighting and new furniture 2.08.2010