Bio Mass - pendant light

Sept 2013
Natural Ash, red braided cable.
Each approx
3 - 4 cm Ø x 16 - 22cm long
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Inspired by the current talk of using biomass as a carbon neutral fuel. The Bio Mass light is a pendant lamp made from locally sourced ash branches. Rather than cut and polish the branches into perfect timber planks, Jay decided to preserve and optimise the unique organic shapes and the intriguing patterns and texture of the bark. The raw beauty of nature meets the latest high‐tech, energy‐saving lighting solutions in the form of ultra‐efficient LED fittings, hot white (2700K, 90CRI) and rated to 75,000 hours. Available singly or as customised clusters.

Limited availability. Please contact for current status.
Price: £69.30 including VAT excluding shipping costs (£57.75 excluding VAT)